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Fangben Law Office is a comprehensive law firm targeting at European and US multinationals as its core clientele. Since its foundation day, Fangben holds high the value banner of “Ethics is Essential”. Strategically located in and operating from Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou, Fangben has now robustly developed into a first-tier law firm oriented in rendering IPR legal services.

Fangben IPR team consists of 20-plus patent attorneys, patent engineers, patent consultants and trademark agents. The cross-border comprehensive IPR services provided by Fangben include but not limited to Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Integrated Circuit Layout, Trade Secret, Anti-Unfair Competition, Large-scale Internet Games Software Protection and Domain Name, covering professional such fields as precision engineering, bio-technology, electronics, telecom, software, semiconductor, pharmaceutics, e-commercial, media and other traditional industrial fields. Apart from conventional IPR legal services, Fangben can also assist client to set up and improve IPR management system, evaluate risk of IPR infringement, formulate and carry out comprehensive IPR protection and anti-infringement strategy.

Fangben is 1 of the only 82 PRC law firms authorized by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R. China to render the patent prosecution services; namely, 1 of the 35 in Beijing, 1 of the 14 in Shanghai, and the only real local firm in Suzhou, where not only a patent filing outlet but also a patent review office of SIPO are established.
Fangben IPR team enjoys a strong clientele base, including Pfizer, Logitech, TRW, Rieter, Ecolab-Nalco, Coty, Tecan and other numerous enterprises from US, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and so on. Fangben rendered its professional services to Futji Trademark Case and Rio Tinto Trade-secret Case which drew special attention of CCTV. The key members of Fangben IPR team have handled more than 1,300 patent prosecutions, including those for Coty, Air Bus and Renolds Automotive.